RFID Motion Sensor

The video shows several examples of interrogation for which the response of the wearable tag is compared with an independent reference motion-data coming from the three-axis accelerometers of an Apple IPod Touch, placed at the same body position of the tag, which is transmitted via WIFI to the controlling PC.  

Activity Monitoring

A miniaturized version of the wearable tag has been tested for the detection of three typical situations of body movements: a cashier working in a market, a person coughing and a pathological hands’ tremor. The measurements have been performed, for comparison, by means of two different tags at a same time: the switch-loaded tag (as in the previous example)  and a bare one.  

Both switch-loaded and unloaded tags are able to communicate the arising of motion.
This information is useful to evaluate the correct response of our device which, as clearly visible, is closely correlated to the body movements. The wearable tag is suited to produce behavioural statistics and to reveal particular events.
Beside the human body application, the device may be moreover attached over any kind of object and retains its performances even for the most challenging cases of liquids and metals.


The experimented read distance, by using a conventional long-range reader, is 4-5m, comparable with a medium-size room.