RADIO6ENSE proposes passive systems to monitor the “health” of concrete walls, pillars and any other structure that needs a continuous, distributed and low-cost check of its condition. The sensors can be attached on the specific structure to detect external defects, like cracks, as well as inside it to monitor internal characteristics such as humidity and temperature.


Detection and monitoring of damages and anomalies of a structural system. Vehicles, buildings, bridges, pillars or rifts can be monitored in both normal or extreme conditions, such as earthquakes, blast loading or cracks.

Detection of moisture on the surface or water infiltration inside floors, walls and pillars of buildings, which can cause problems including mold growth, wet rugs and carpet, damp and musty smells, rotting of wood, wet insulation, rusting of metal, and bacteria growth.

Detection of water level and temperature inside concrete beams by means of sensors embedded within the structure, during the manufacturing process and drying. Temperature and humidity are fundamental characteristics to understand the degree of completion of the manufacturing process.


  • Wireless, low-cost, passive, lightweight pervasive sensors.
  • Devices suitable to endure extreme and hazardous conditions.
  • Devices embeddable inside concretes and other building materials.